A Complete Guide On Selling Your Fashion Jewellery Online


Are you an entrepreneur and new to selling fashion jewellery via online store? Then you should plan everything from product manufacturing, shipping your jewellery, etc.

There are plenty of SEO companies that offer best SEM services in Chennai and you must pick the right company that makes result-oriented leads and traffic to your hancrafted jewellery business. You can also visit the site jewelers.org to understand simple methods on online selling.

The growth of technology, the way of conducting business has changed greatly. E-Commerce is the new successful platform that connects buyers and sellers across the world. It provides a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers. The sellers can generate maximum profit without putting much effort and the buyers can easily get the desired product at less price.

Jewellery is the perfect gift that impresses a woman of any age. Since it has a huge potential market, it is good idea to sell it in online. But you must find the right methods to reach your desired audience group to attract the customers.

Before establishing your jewellery business, you should do detailed research about the required fashion jewelleries for online sale. It supports you to frame a vigorous business strategy for marketing and selling your product like advertising methods and the right geographical location where there are chances of a high volume of sales.

You must select the product category. If you want to sell several product lines like necklaces ankles, rings, bracelets, etc., then you must choose the right category for your product. You should also separate your products based on age groups, genders, etc. Product category includes product image, descriptions, price and size if any.

Product image is also an important factor for online sale. You should upload the picture of the product that immediately grabs the attention of the customer. Descriptions about the product raise the sales value and don’t give any false promises about the product.


Before fixing the product price, you must analyse several elements like the base price of the jewellery, making cost, marketing and shipping cost. Fixing the fair price for your product helps your customers trust your product and you allow you to make a reasonable profit in the sale.

You must develop your jewellery business by designing a website for your company. Based on your budget you can create a website with simple designs with your logo or highly a professional looking site. It should be a full-fledged site with special attention to each section. You should also check whether your site is mobile-friendly since it boosts your customer reach and also supports an increase in sales.

There are many pre-developed websites available in the market and it is the best fit for your start-up business and also includes mobile-friendly features. Once your jewellery website is ready to use, you must decide about marketing strategies to improve your site traffic and leads. Apart from marketing your product on your website, you can also market in other popular market places.

E-Commerce options allow your product to reach the global market. You must also determine the payment methods using a credit card, debit card or PayPal and also ship the product.

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